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With an app made from top-to-bottom with the user in mind, there is no reason not to enjoy the many benfits of imgPress.

Faster Pageloads

Time is money. And for your visitors, a single second can often be the difference between coming back and hitting that "back" button. Reduce your site's loading times by reducing the number of bits that need to transmitted with each image - without losing any quality!

Easy to Use

imgPress was designed with simplicity in mind. Our efficient yet powerful 3-click interface will save you the headaches that often come with older, bloated and confusing software.

Reduced Hosting Costs

Every dollar counts. Protect your bottom line by reducing the amount you pay in hosting costs by losslessly compressing your images. Why spend even a penny more than you have to?


Current version designed for use with Windows, but should theoretically work across all platforms.

Windows 7, 8, 10

Version 1.2.0


Swipe right to see imgPress in action! It's as easy as 1-2-3.

Success Stories

See what an impact our compression algorithms had on websites' loading times in the real world.

New Entrepreneurs of BC Association

Images reduced to 83% of previous size. 18% loading time reduction

Claim Manager

Images reduced to 71% of previous size. 12% loading time reduction

Sergey Bukharov's Portfolio Site

Images reduced to 73% of previous size. 9.2% loading time reduction

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